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Dear Rahmani,

Thank you for taking time to leave a comment. We understand that waiting can sometimes be frustrating. However, we would like to point out that we did offer you a courtesy car from the outset and did keep you informed through the process your vehicle was undergoing. The questions is, what was your expectation of the frequency of this information being passed over?
Unfortunately, the wrong file had been sent. However, there was nothing we could do about this but wait for the correct file to be sent to us, this matter was completely out of our control.
If you require further assistance then please do not hesitate to contact our BigAssist team.

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I went to the service center today again (took another day off from work)so that they would fix a part that was already not working from day 1 and will cost me again another excess of £120. On top of the £16000 we paid for our mercedes.What happened?

I had an appointment at 11.i came with my 1 year old son because it would only take 2 hours. The car would be finished within 2 hours. When I came to asked if I wanna wait I said yes I don't have a courtesy cR.unless u give me one than I will go. They said no dirty there is no car for you.Waiting in the lounge I noticed they took my car inside the garage after 30 minutes.

than I waited and finally at 1 pm I asked if my car was finished.front desk would ask and find out. Got no response. I saw outside the mechanic that dealed with my car. I talked to him if the car was finished.

He said no and than he says : didn't u get the message? I said no which message.he said I told Lewis 1 hour ago it's not finished u have to wait until 2.30. Than when we receive the file it needs to be downloaded to the dashboard. Can take up to 45 minutes downloading.( for another 2hours)if u want we can arrange a courtesy car for you.

I said no the car has to be finished. I can't come for the 3rd time. I went straight to the front desk asking where Lewis is. He came after 5 minutes waiting: than I said u r not doing your job we'll.

why didn't u tell me 1 hour ago the car is not finished?? Because than I might have gone home. He couldn't answer he said yes I got busy so I forgot to tell you. He denied the mechanic told him 1 hour ago.

I said is the mechanic lying?? He said no but he didn't know what to say anymore. He said do u want a courtesy car? I said no I will wait again until 3 pm to be fixed.

Meanwhile I had to cancel my appointment if 2.15 pm. So than I waited with my baby crying out of hunger and 3 o'clock it was not finished again. Lewis came to me saying they received the wrong file so I have to wait again. So me sitting there with baby crying.

I got really emotional because I was the one with the loss! I had to *** from work again. Costs me £100 per day. Baby had no food.

Nobody at the desk cares about you nobody offers you anything nothing. Nobody asks if everything is alright. So I went straight inside the garage asking my key back so I could go home! Nobody gave me my key.

If I want to go home now they would have to put the old part in the car again. I was even told by Sophie the manager to get outside the garage. I said no call the police to take me out.sunce nobody gives me any response I have no way than to come directly to the garage and ask mechanics about my csrzSo I cried in front of everyone so much because it became too much for me waiting all day with hungry baby. Telling them I have been waiting since 11am until 4pm.I got no courtesy car!

Nobody offering if they could fetch my baby some food from the nearest supermarket. Nothing! They just cared about me paying for the part when it's fixed. I told them what service I get back from them me waiting all day and taking off from work , crying baby?

No courtesy car from beginning telling me it would only take 2 hours.I said I want discount on the invoice later. That the least they could do. Lewis would talk it through. I got no reply.

Than I asked to him again later if he talked it through, because I got no response. He said sorry we cdnt offer you discount! So I said: what can u offer me?? He said nothing".

So I had to wait again from 4pm until 5pm to collect my car. I insisted to get a courtesy car to fetch my baby food. So I got a car for 30 minutes than I came back and waited again another 15 minutes before Coral would come to let me pay. I paid at 5.15 pm.means I waited for 6 hours.

And that was it. Nobody said sorry.

Nothing! And I left.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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