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Dear Sanjay Shah,

Thank you for taking time to leave your feedback.
As you can probably imagine, we do have a fast turnaround of cars and our online properties don’t always keep up with what we have sold as much as we would like them to. Due to the way the internet works, there is nothing we can do to speed this process up.

We are however in the progress of building our new website which will be updated much faster, saying sold, deposit, subject to finance etc, so if you were to look for another car from us in the future, this might be helpful for you.

Also, as you are aware, we hold over 2000 cars in our stock. Our manager contacted you 10 minutes after you had contacted us and explained that we was going through a change to our sites where we were separating our BMWs to the Mercedes and unfortunately this was while you was trying to find a car from our company. After our manager had explained this situation to you, you were very happy with the explanation.

If you do find another car that interests you please let us know and we will do anything we can to help.


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Phoned tel number in ad on Auto trader. sorry we don't have the car here it's in Cantebury, you need to phone them. Why has the ad not been changed, we are waiting after the cars have been don't think it better to do that first or at the same time...

Phoned Cantebury... sorry you need Prestige, do you want their I have that, it's on your web site. But that number goes to the same branch...eventually got right number...

Prestige..which car...c220 on 10 reg.. whats the mileage...whats the price..sorry we don't have that car it must have been sold...

Why is it on Auto Trader...I'll mark it as false on Auto trader...

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Just provide a much much better customer experience...may get Peter Waddell to go on undercover boss......

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