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Dear Hus,

Thank you for your feedback.

We are unreservedly sorry for the way you were treated. We do wish to talk to you about this further if possible. Once we have been provided with your contact details a member of our team will be in contact as soon as possible.
Please accept our sincerest apologies.

Kind Regards,
The Big Motoring Word Team.

we financed a car from big motoring world and were told to collect the car two days later and were also told to insure the car we were going to buy before we came so we could drive away.when we turned up we asked to see someone to collect the car and were told we couldnt collect due to snow, but was not informed of it, as we had traveled a long way to get there we were fustrated and asked to see someone in charge.

the owner of the business turned up and started shouting and getting angry using foul language and threataning to smash our car if we didnt leave the premises. We were very SHOCKED! and did not expect that kind of behaviour from the owner of a big company like BIG MOTORING WORLD.

He told us we couldnt buy his cars and we should F**k off and leave within 2 minuits or he would get his jeep and smash into us, the thing is we werent even angry or rude while we approached him we were calm and quite.SHOCKING!!!


Folkestone, England, United Kingdom #824174

I have just purchased a BMW1 120 d from them at Canterbury the price on the website and vehicle sticker in the window was £ 6495. When I got home and double checked my invoice I had been charged £6995. I also put down £2000 as a deposit.


I have had the worst experience with Canterbury Motoring World!I have wanted a mini for as long as I can remember and so when I finally qualified as a teacher and got my first job I decided to treat myself, unfortunately I went to canterbury motoring world.

Within 6 months I replaced the thermostat, the water pump and then the head gasket! Luckily for CMW, it was outside their warranty and was not covered by my new one due to being 'general wear and tear'. I was then informed that all of my tyres were bald and would all need to be replaced, even though my dad kicked up a massive fuss at the show room about having new tyres on the car - turns out one of the tyres had been with the car since it was manufactured in 2007! Now I have an oil leak...

I have tried to contact them multiple times but no one is ever there to talk to and they obviously do not call back.

It is unbelievable how much stress and aggravation this car has caused me; it has ruined my dream of owning a car like this and I'm now in a huge amount of debt due to the bills piling up!I feel like a fool for not doing enough research on the company beforehand and beg other people to steer well clear!


Sorry helped with repair or complaint


Has any of these people actually been with repair or their complaint?????


Wow - thank god...

I've been looking at buying a E90 BMW 320d since my car was written off just before christmas, and came across two cars I liked on there website so I filled in their finance questionnaire on Thursday 6th and waited for a response, I waited and decided to call Big Motoring World Saturday 8th Feb as I wanted to discuss the finance form as I didn't need the full amount on finance and their form didn't ask how much I needed to put on finance, and was told that they were busy but they took my details and was told someone would call back...I waited...

it was a Saturday and working in as an Assistant Manager in a mobile phone retail store I know how the weekends can go, So first thing on Sunday I called again and this time I was put through to a 'member of the sales team', I was told that they were busy and had sold 25 plus cars on Saturday, so I asked about my finance form, and was told not to worry and that the sales team were very good and very few people got refused credit, I then asked how up to date there website was as there were 2 cars I was looking at and that I planned to visit from west London on Tuesday and was told that if they sell a car it was immediately removed from their site, but that they had '4 A4 pages of 3 series diesels so not to worry', that in mind i checked on Tuesday morning and they were still on the site. So off I set on my 1.5 hour journey with my grumpy 2.5 year old son and even grumpier Dad.

On arrival the place looked incredible, loads of cars, great building and a playroom for my son, the reception staff were very friendly and were sat behind iMacs and one of them took my name and I was introduced to a member of the sales team who sat me down next to yet another iMac, And it all went to pot there...

I explained that I was interested in a 320d M Sport they had on their site up at £6500, starting with the most desired one first, and was told that I'd be lucky to find an M Sport at that price, and that they no longer had that in stock, I then mentioned my next choice, no luck there either, in fact they didn't have anything less than £7500, but they did have a lovely '1 Series', now if I wanted a 1 Series I'd have asked... So, confused I questioned him about the words one of his colleagues used on the Sunday about the cars being moved from the site almost immediately, and was asked if I had a name, nope I didn't, I'm terrible with names, just like I don't remember his now.

He then asked why I didn't make an appointment? Ermm, why did his colleague not ask me if I wanted an appointment when I told him I was planning on coming on Tuesday? He then went on to try and justify it by saying the 'Marketing team don't work weekends, so how could they remove it', okay, again Mr Arrogant Salesman, how was I supposed to know that when your colleague told me that they get removed, and do you realise its now Tuesday afternoon, and the cars a still listed on your site? I then explained my conversation with his colleague in detail, including the part about the finance, and he then asked about how I would be financing of the car, and I told him I had half in cash and would like the rest to be put on finance...

Now, I have spent many years running credit checks for customers, and would never start a sales transaction the way he did, but his next question shocked me 'whats your credit rating like', I'm sorry but considering you now have an angry customer who has just spent his time and money coming to see your company after a pack of lies and deceit, and mis-information, that is for me to know and you can take a running jump, had things been a little better in terms of general customer service, and apology for all my wasted time I may have sat there and listened some more, if my credit rating was bad, I wouldn't have had the ordacity of wasting my time and potential embarrassment of travelling all the way over to you and being refused credit with my Dad sat in the same room, thats not for me thanks.

So what have I learnt?

1) They don't call you back, (and I still haven't received one either), so don't bother yourself waiting for a call back. 2) Call before you travel, don't believe a word they say on the phone. 3) It's all about the Sale, Customer Service doesn't mean much to this company. 4) Get the name of the useless waste of space you speak to and keep it, it may help them sort out their own in company issues.

But judging by what I have read above, I doubt the 'owner' will give a monkeys, just as long as they continue to sell. What can they learn from this? 1) Make sure your staff are consistent with there words, at very least make sure you all lie the same way. 2) Lots of iMacs and a nice layout may give a good, wealthy, clean image, along with happy smily receptionists, but whats the point of having good first impressions if your follow up is an epic fail (namely your sales team).

3) Now I've read a few reviews tonight and not just on this site, and where I understand there are always a few disgruntled customers, and people always write about the negatives and never the positives, I'd be a bit worried about the high number of negative feedback you get. You're in sales, and word of mouth is paramount, as is your returning customer. 4) Focus more on the customer and less on the sale, if you manage that, the customer will more than likely buy, even as in my case I may have come back later had the guy I was talking to handled the situation differently, as he made me aware of a car in my price range 'in preparation'. 5) Admit your wrongs and show empathy, it was my time and money wasted, don't make excuses, and try to put the blame on the customer, they'll walk.

and never return.

just like me.Kind regards Matt

to mattjc #784476

Dear Matt,

Thank you for taking the time to leave us your feedback.Although; I accept, you have not had the best experience with us we appreciate all feedback as it shows where we can improve.

The business is going through lots of changes at the moment and we’re all working extremely hard to deliver an outstanding customer experience to all of our valued customers.

I would like to apologise that no-one from our Finance team has got back to you. Our Finance team are very busy but we accept that this is no excuse to have not got back to you and we are sorry we have let you down.

I would also like to apologise for the misleading information given to you by the sales men you dealt with.

Although you do not know the names of the sales men you were in contact with, we will investigate this and deal with things internally.

Should you wish to speak to our customer care team about this in greater detail, please feel free to get in contact on: bigassist(at) or call 01634 248 648.

Once again please accept our sincerest apologies.Kind Regards, Ilona Burrows-Tyrrell After-sales Customer Care Representative Big Motoring World

to BigMotoringMarketing1 London, England, United Kingdom #784834

Dear Ilona,

The "customer care" team has been reminding world that the business "is going through lots of changes" for almost two years now, so this feeble excuse well past its sell-by date.You've had ample opportunity to improve your customer relations.

Courtesy, honesty, politeness and manners along with basic business competency should be second nature, no matter what state the company may be in.

Big Motoring World's rude, arrogant and condescending attitude towards its customers is endemic throughout the organisation and pro-actively sponsored from the very top.To suggest it is a consequence of "business change" is simply insulting the public's intelligence.

Quite why people see fit to even give your company the time of day remains a mystery.

Haywards Heath, England, United Kingdom #750171

EI also agree with most of the comments on here big motoring world is a rip off!!!After looking for a car for months I finally found what I was looking for a e46 m sport coupe KJ55SAM!

over priced at 5500 pound what I was willing to pay as it was what I was looking for. After a week of thinking I decided to go ahead only to see on the site that they had taken the price down to 4618 witch I thought my luck was in. On calling in, I was spoken to by 'KAZ' in the Addington branch. Who told me the car was lovely and clean and that the price could be negotiated a bit.

Agreeing to drive down the next day I was more than excited to go get my new car. After a two hour drive 40 quid fuel there I was approached by KAZ who said I'm so sorry but I sold the car!! So why not phone Me you had my details and knew I was coming!!only to just mess Me about by wasting my time and money!!! Back home back to work only to find its been put back on the site for 6000!!

They have no clues on how to price a car there customer service was just disgusting. I would not recommend buying from here and stay away from these cowboys at all costs!!! This won't be the last you here of me big motoring world even if I have to stand at the gates telling customers of my experience with you and your terrible sales!! Its just so wrong that such a big company can get away with treating people like ***!!!!

My mail

London, England, United Kingdom #748925

I passed by my old friends yesterday, looking at an looked okay in the photos online, but after meeting with a salesman (Richard was good, helpful) went to their "handover depot" (a fair old drive to Snodland) to see the car in the flesh...

Not good. Broken glove box, damaged trim, and the smell of wet dog... I figured it had been standing for a while, not attracting punters, but despite the faults they said they would fix it.

back in the office, the Finance guy moves in for the kill, £500 deposit (£358 of it buys you the GardX valet kit... The rest is 'fees') later we wait to see if anyone would finance it.

No one did so I tried everything to get deposit back, even speaking to Trading Standards.

Eventually one of their number agreed to refund, I decided to buy elsewhere.?.

Crawley, England, United Kingdom #714907

Seems I've had the same experience as everyone on here.I purchased the car and within one week it wouldn't start!

I needed a new battery which is general wear and tear.

Since then I've had numerous problems and the last one being the worst were by the differencial has exploded and caused loads of damage. I bought an extra warranty for three years which also means nothing as they will only contribute towards a repair and this is in their small print. The repair is going to cost me £5200 !

The car company and the warranty people are a massive joke and will be taking this further as wondering how they can still be trading.


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