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Big Motoring World - No problems

Big Motoring World
Car purchase was very easy with no pressure. After a couple of weeks aircon not blowing cold. As I live a long way from Kent they suggested I contact Warranty 2000 to sort the problem rather than bringing it iback to them in Kent to be fixed. W2000 advised me to take to local Halfords Autocentre with whom they have an account. Guys there spent 2 hours tracing fault to a small hole in the condenser. Booked in 2 days later and fixed without any... Read more

Big Motoring World - Purchase and sales

Big Motoring World
i have just bought a mercedes e 250 convertable from big motoring in addington i am delighted with the car, but equally important was the help and demeanour of the sales team,. i was fortunate to have the assistance of MR JOEL ST-MART , He was thorough helpful, knowledgable and patient.I was not feeling very well at the time and must have tried his patience .I cant speak for all of the sales teams but this gentleman is certainly a cut... Read more

Big Motoring World - Review in Dealers category from Broadstairs, England

Big Motoring World
I had read the various reviews online and was cautious initially. Upon arrival we were greeted, offered tea & coffee and water for the dog!our salesman (Andrew) was extremely helpful, letting us into a number of vehicles as we ummed and arghd. When we eventually narrowed our choice to 2 cars we were allowed to test drive them on our own with no salesman giving hard sell (they even said the dog could go with us if we wanted). We bought a C... Read more
I have had five phone calls and ten email exchanges about some fairly simple problems that they don't care to resolve. This issue has gone on for nine weeks. I just wanted my spare key sent in the post. I had to chase and chase when it didn't arrive. Four times...
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I went to West Malling to view & Test Drive a Vauxhall Insignia & , which I saw on Auto Trader I spoke to reception I was then met by Jas (Sales Manager) who took me to view the car. I went for a test drive the rear Nearside Tyre was Low & tyre indicator on the car...
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Hi . The reason is simple : the car is not running . I got the car last year only and I ‘ m really disappointed because the car have problems. The warranty don't cover the cost of repair even the tester report. Paid 22,000£ and the repair cost is 15.000£ now. How...
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Big Motoring World - Rip off company

Brought a car from big motor world. bmw. Never had so much bad customer care offer me £50 what a joke they repaird my car and left paint runs!! Miss sold the warranty cost me money taking days off to chase my car up.. AVOID DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM HERE THEY REALLY ARE THAT BAD
I purchased warranty with this vehicle under the sales assurance that all mechanical and electrical breakdowns will be covered for 3 years. We signed up to this but never received the service contract and terms and conditions, 26 months later our car suffered a...
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What can I say.........Shocking customer service. Different prices as advertised on the internet and vehicle window. Cars unavailable, however conveniently another one at a higher price is. All paintwork on the vehicles are scratched and shabby and look nothing like...
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I didn't like
  • Lack of responsibility for issues
  • No interest in you once you sign
  • False advertising
I am not saying DON'T buy from Big Motoring World. I am just saying be very careful and have the car checked by and independent mechanic before you buy from them.
As you can see from the attached picture, i have got the Check brake pad wear' caution sign. This car was supposed to have been checked thoroughly prior to selling. i have had this car for 10 days so what wear could i have caused to the brakes. To make matters...
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I liked
  • Wide range of cars
  • Nice showroom
  • Amount of stock
I didn't like
  • No clarity
  • After sales service
Why you should avoid big motoring world at all costs! Their adverts are not true listings for the actual cars you are buying but are for newer models! The manager confirmed this to me and said this is how all cars are sold across the industry. This is not true any...
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Gutted really feel ripped off phoned to say wanted to give car back fought there was a 14 day cooling feel absolutely said we can give car back but still have to pay money off got guard x and 3 year warranty then find out have to pay out of own money then claim back...
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Guard x not worth the money it only cost dealer £39 for basic package which u prob paid £299 it takes 30 mins to apply inside and out i know as i am a valeter for a large used...


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wish i wrote this earlier to advise innocent people of this very dubious company. bout a x5 from them with extra 36 months warranty. next day after purchase car hand brake jams and car wont bulge. paid 3 hours of diagnosis fee for them to tell me its the hand brake...
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The small white fat guy was the owner and is a idiot and would not have had the balls to throw you out unless he had some of is numptys around him. I use to work for this comp...