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Hello Miss Ahmed,

Thank you for your feedback. We apologise you are displeased with your experience with us. We would like the opportunity to address your concerns. Can you give us some time to look into the matter, and one of our representatives will contact you to discuss your concerns. If you would like immediate assistance, please call us on 01634244211.

Big Motoring World Team

Dear Sirs,

Re: False advertising and poor and offensive customer service from Big Motoring World, London Road, Addington, Kent ME19 5SH

I am writing to you in relation to the extremely poor customer service I received from the motor trading company at the Big Motoring Company, Kent on 04-04-15.

Prior to my visit to the Big Motoring Company I viewed a car for sale at £11,000. This vehicle was a BMW Coupe, advertised to have an Automatic transmission. I have a picture of this advertisement. Therefore, I called the company prior to my visit to ensure that the car was still available. The female on the phone, Anita, confirmed the vehicle in question was still available for sale. Therefore, I travelled from Central London to Kent, to make a possible purchase.

When I arrived the salesman, Alfred Adedigba, took me to the chosen vehicle. However, to my disappointment I identified that the vehicle that was advertised as an Automatic was actually a Manual vehicle. Furthermore, it was identified that this was also the case with three other vehicles of the same model.

Alfred Adedigba then attempted to persuade me to purchase an automatic model for £12,500. When I requested a test drive, he took me in to an office and said that the company only considers test drives if customers are going to purchase the vehicle. I said that I was aiming to purchase the chosen vehicle. He allowed the test drive on the more expensive model. On my return I explained that as this was out of my budget I would also like to test drive the original vehicle that I came to buy, which remained inside of my budget. He refused and became rude and said that I would have to come back from London to Kent to do this another day, and that I should purchase the vehicle at £12,500. I attempted to explain that customers should not be treated in this way. He said that he did not care as this is not his main career, as he is currently finishing a degree.

Due to this, Alfred Adedigba asked a Sales Manager, Andrew Vlad to talk to me. I explained my disappointment at the mis-advertising of the car, the rude attitude of Alfred Adedigba, and the fact that I had travelled from London, which was a waste of my day, time, petrol and wear and tear of my own vehicle to get there. He agreed to allow a test drive of the originally chosen vehicle, vehicle registration: RE59 YVX.

When I returned Alfred Adedigba said that he wanted the General Manager, Ching Patel, to talk to me regarding purchasing the vehicle. Ching Patel was extremely rude, started pointing his finger at me, and he was unwilling to acknowledge the distressing and disappointment day that I had experienced due to the errors of the company and the negative attitude of the staff. He then stated that he did not like my voice. When I stated that I was born with this voice, he said that he did not like the way that I was born. He then concluded by stating that he will not consider selling me any vehicle as I have complained about the errors of the company beforehand.

I am disappointed to have been traded like this by a legitimate business organisation trading in the United Kingdom. Firstly, the vehicle was mis-advertised on the internet. I have evidence of the advertisement. Secondly, I wasted my day, time, petrol and wear and tear of my vehicle to attend the branch, from Central London to Kent. Thirdly, Alfred Adedigba attempted to make me agree to make a purchase before a test drive. Fourthly, Alfred Adedigba attempted to persuade me to purchase a vehicle for a higher price than that advertised and initially refused a test drive of the advertised vehicle. Fifthly, Ching Patel, General Manager, became personally offensive towards me when I identified the errors of the company.

The service that I have received from the Big Motoring Company is completely dishonest, mis-leading and offensive, and I do not think that a company of this standard should be allowed to trade in the United Kingdom.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Company to be investigated .

I didn't like: Customer service.

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