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Ok, first of all, I have to say, when I had my first purchase of bmw from big motoring world was quite happy about 7 years ago before it expanded.The bmw i have bought stayed with me for 5 years and covered 60k miles with no fault! Therefore, even I have read and heard lots of bad stories about them recently, I still would like to trust them as this is what we called it " customer loyalty!" So I drove my car down there for a p/x.

My car was £3000 less than the price I could sell it myself, and was £1000 less than webuyanycar would have offered. It was a 12reg car with no fault no dents or scratches, with only 18k miles on it. Fine, I like the car I viewed, and the salesman was pretty good like they used to be. No push, very gentle during the first snow in England!

Anyway, the general condition of the Car was good, small dents at the rear bumper and wheels scratches as well. But he insists sold as seen and not giving me any more discount. Since the day was pretty cold with snow everywhere and my feet was frozen since there were ice water everywhere. We then took a test drive.

it is a 15 reg car with only 32k miles on it, so I thought it still has one year BMW warranty left and should not have any technical or mechanical problem to worry about and well indeed they said it was not involved in any accident or repairs. I then make the payment and took the car. The excitement only lasts for a day!! Since I am pretty familiar with the 4 series and I am really a car guy, I would like to make every single car looks like mine.

The next day when I took the car to a bodyshop to add some front spoiler and rear diffuser and boot lid. Me and the bodyshop identified that the edge of the front bumper was not in line on each side!!!! one is too low next to the bonnet and one is too high to the bonnet. the curve around the bonnet and the side wings and the front bumper is not smooth and even at all!!

then we checked the paintwork again just to make sure what we have saw is real since i JUST CAN NOT BELIEVE THAT IT IS A OVER £20K 15 REG CAR !!!!What I thought I have paid for was a decent good quality, no accident, no repaired car however it is not!!!. The faults was even more clear when see it in place brighter. So I took pics and called them, also I have attached pics here for you to see and learn my lesson. the PAINT around the edge of the bumper and the headlight wash cove is never a factory paint and a really bad repair job has been done to this car!

Plus, I have had 5 bmws, aging from 99 to 2012, not a single one has got moister and even water drops in the headlights! both of them! Therefore, I CALLED the after sale guy, he told me it was absolutely normal, and he would like me to send the pics for the bumpers to let them have a look. I was still having confidence that they could solve this for me however, until today, when I went to a wheel shop to check what kind of fancy wheels i could have on the car, the guy that i have used every single time when i had a new car, saw a major problem 1 seconds after he saw the car from 10 meters away, THE FRONT TIYRES WERE NOT THE RIGHT SIZE!!!!!

THE FACTORY TYRE SHOULD BE 225/40/R19, HOWEVER, THE ONE ON THE LEFT SIDE HAS A MUCH HIGHER PROFILE, 45!!! IT IS ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE, IT IS NOT ROAD LEGAL AND WILL FAIL THE MOT, what is more, it could kill me any second on motor way since the left hand side is much higher than the other side. So I have to get a new set of front tyre at my own cost. This should not happen, bigmotoring world!!you guys are professional, you guys have run many many checked prior to sell a car to customers!

what have you guys done! I was planning to wait until I heard back from your after sale team and not to write a review if it is solved. However, I can no longer wait after this! I will make another call to bigmotoring Monday and will keep you guys updated.

In the meantime, I already arranged an inspection from the BMW dealership to check out the Headlights and whether this car has been involved in accidents and not as what bigmotoring said it was not ! Updated just now, check my engine bay pic, the wires on the passenger side is pretty mass, it has clearly been moved out and moved back due to a repair, one clip that was not pictured was not functioning at all. Compare my engine bay and the one they have got on line. Clearly something has been done.

I do not want to find out other problems now. Terrifying.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bmw Car.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $22000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Choice of vehicles, Prices and availability.

I didn't like: Service, Lack of responsibility for issues, Quality of cars.

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