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Thank you for your feedback.

We are very sorry that the warranty company did not provide the answer you were looking for. We would like the opportunity to discuss this with you further. If you would be so kind as to provide your contact details a member of our team will be in contact shortly.

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I bought a car from Big Motoring World, Maidstone for 12k. As other reviews have stated, i initially went to "just look", only to be greeted at the door by several pushy salesmen. I had no intention to buy that day and actually wasn't in the financial position to do so, however i soon found myself sitting in front of a salesman with an offer on the table ready for me to sign. Added to that was the fact that a lady was shown the same car i was actually sitting in at the same time and was also penning a deal in the opposite office! I said no, as soon as i did, the salesman lost interest and didn't even bother saying goodbye, barely uttered a word. He was like a kid who had just had his favourite toy taken off him. Later on in the week, i received several phone calls from this salesman, asking me if i wanted the car or other ones he had. I was always going to buy a car as I've always wanted a 3 series so agreed to go back at a later date. From then on i received numerous "Whatsapp" messages from the salesman offering me this that and the other! Anyway, i bought a car with an extended warranty (it was a one time reduced price, how lucky was i....)and to be fair to them the car is in good nick. Everything is working, clean and scratch/mark free. The only issues i have had is the brakes are very worn and need replacing now, the handbrake needs adjusting (pulls up too far) and i feel the clutch is on its way out (high biting point and clunking). So all in all my experience at Big Motoring World was actually ok compared to some of these reviews. However, upon agreeing to the warranty i wasn't talked through it, explained what was and what wasn't including or how you go about making a claim. Partly my fault for not asking but knowing what i do now, it makes sense that they didn't want to explain it to me. Upon reading the warranty booklet, you have to get the fault checked over and an estimate from them which is sent to Warranties 2000, along with a section you fill out. They then authorise/not authorise the repair to be carried out, afterwards they settle the money of which you have to pay the first £100, a lot of messing about. After contacting Warranties 2000, i was told none of these faults are claimable as they only cover for "mechanical breakdown". So as i hadn't broken down yet my brakes will not be replaced, let alone the clutch and handbrake looked at. So when my brakes fail ill give them a call....

At the end of the day the warranty is the warranty, its out there for everyone to look at before buying a car, its just not a very good one, my fault for not researching. However, Big Motoring World do operate slightly underhand and do want to ship you in and out asap, skipping over the caring bits like, "what if something goes wrong with your car".

Touch wood my car is ok apart from that and i do love it so not all bad, but be warned, the warranty is not worth it and their customer service is lacking....

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Stafford, England, United Kingdom #850028

Same problem - was told by the garage that Warranties 2000 cover everything that isn't wear and tear, and this is simply not the case. I've had no end of problems arise with my car in the last few months (cat.

converter, lambda sensor, power steering failure, break pipe corrosion, gear problems) - no support from them whatsoever, plus, their customer service is extremely poor. Stay away from Warranties 2000!!!!!

London, London, United Kingdom #829186

I had the same issue and I'm still battling to get a problem fixed. Stay away from these guys and certainly don't pay for the warranty.

Peterborough, England, United Kingdom #822605

I purchased a BMW 330D from Big Motoring World in 2013 the sales people push to sell the warranties 2000 warranty,we bought a 1 year warranty so far we have tried to claim three seperate times on the last problem with car my Garage repair center said they should pay this time after reading the T&Cs in the warranty 2000 booklet to our disbelief they refused to pay, our engineer said the warranty is not worth the paper its written on also i believe warranties 2000 are also Olympic warranties,never again,you have been warned,don't waste your cash


I purchase a vw golf 2004 I had the car 2 months and the automatic gear went I rang warrenty 2000 gold and told them they said take to a vat garage which I did and the garage told the warrenty company that it was not wear and tare.i rang warrenty 2000.and they said they would not pay as the car had high mileage I said if that was ths case what did they put a warrenty on car tey did not answer.i think warrenty 2000 are a rip off and would advise not to use them


to Rog #810460

Hi rog I had dealing with warrenty 2000 and had nothing but probloms I agree with your comments don't use them.


Do not trust world of Warrenty what a crock of sh#te

Manchester, England, United Kingdom #771466

I have just had the same experience with the warranty company who will not cover the full cost of the repairs needed for my car which was also bought from Big Motoring World...

They will only cover a % of the total cost which mind you has come under the total amount i am allowed to claim. Pointless warranty, worthless company.. As for Big Motoring World, they are one of the worst company i have ever had to deal with.

Acton, England, United Kingdom #685971

Very true! I purchased a car.

thay are s**** company!

Poor customer service. Will eat your money and left you without help if anything will happend!

to lol Crawley, England, United Kingdom #843996

Dear friend here.i bought a car in April this year.paid over 15000 bought also that warranty from warranties 2000.a month after my rear suspension dropped while I was service said the air spring has to be replaced.all suspension parts covered by my warranty for which I paid 1000.

Big motoring world has got the worst help service.they asked me to wait two weeks to have it checked!but I have to pay for the recovery car to get to them and for the inspection and of course they will not give you a replacement car!what is more your car can not stay there over night so you have to drive again if they do not fix the problem due to f ex not having parts needed!!!they lie over the phone!

Bmw in my town repaired it.warranties 2000 refused to pay for anything.what I heard over the phone from mr sam from warranties ?that my car is not new!i should expect it!

I am not giving up yet, I want you all do the same.if you feel that you are right take them to county court!

As they do it all the time. Don't let them get away with it!


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