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This is a review, overview and a list of complaints covering my visit to Big Motoring World, London Road, Addington, Kent, ME19 5PL who sell questionable used BMW's (1 series, 3 series, 5 series).

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Big Motoring World (London Road, Addington, Kent), a shockingly dodgy outfit. From the first moment when they booked me in for an appointment to the last when the Sales Manager (Lee) hung up on me…..just as I was sharing the details of my experience (I got as far as point 2 below):

1) After agreeing to put down a deposit, they gave me an invoice with small print “I accept that the mileage on the odometer should be deemed incorrect” “The salesman has discussed this with me…..” At no point did the sales assistant (James) or the salesman (Mohammed) discuss this. Quite the contrary. See next point.

2) They claimed the vehicle had a clean HPI check, yet they weren’t able to furnish a copy when I followed up to see it.

3) Their vehicles are bought from auctions and put straight out on to their forecourt without performing any checks. Mysteriously, I couldn’t match the service record details to the VIN number on the V5. +The VOSA MOT certificate had gone walkies. +The brakes/oil/etc indicators showed to be ~18,000 miles away even though the last apparent service was more than 7,000 miles ago. Hmm, trickery.

4) They told me that they had 3 BMW’s in the spec I wanted. When I arrived there were 2. The one I was particularly interested in wasn’t available and “must have just been sold”.

5) They wouldn’t let me test drive anything unless I agreed to a purchase in principle first.

6) The cars were in bad condition; scratches concealed by dirt, patchy paintwork on the roof, loose threading on upholstery, cars that almost didn’t start, 2 identical engines producing very different idling notes (even after warming up), rusted calipers/rotors...explained as being normal, with paint defects caused by “recent acid rain”.

7) I asked about trading in my old car. They gave me a figure of £1k less than the lowest value I had seen similar vehicles trade on a well known auction site.

8) Dirty sales tactic: I made an offer that they would fix the vehicles’ deficiencies and in return I would pay the asking price…..as the salesman returned back from checking in with the sales manager, I was told that “It won’t be possible. A customer is actually on the phone right now ready to put down a deposit. He came in yesterday and just made up his mind”. This was for the same car that barely started 1 day after someone apparently took it for a test drive.

9) More sales, rushing, tactics: Interruptions claiming that another customer was waiting to be seen. Even though I had booked an appointment. This happening while I was trying to read the declaration that they wanted me to sign.

10) Claims that the warranty covered everything (switches/lights/knobs/engine/etc). When I asked to see this in writing, they showed me a list of parts that didnt include anything that they verbally agreed to.

11) The salesman agreed to fix a number of defects I pointed out but when they drew up the invoice it had no mention of any of the work agreed apart from one vague statement about one thing. Unbelievable.

12) Failed to offer me water, coffee or anything. Just some *** DVD about some £400 paint protector product that they would give me for free.

I am just glad I didn’t go ahead with the purchase. I was trying to balance the lack of other cars (in Black at a reasonable price) with the contradictory pitch I was given….I almost fell for it. I hope you read this before you put down any money or purchase a vehicle. These guys are a real slimy bunch.

No matter how competitive their prices are, there is a reason for it…

Monetary Loss: $19000.

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I was duped in to spending £19000 for a Mercedes E Class. on getting it checked by a body work specialist I discover that it was more likely an unrecorded write-off because the front and rear end had both been repaired very poorly. a month later the paint started peeling off the front and back bumpers, the rear Mercedes logo came away from the boot lid.

they are no doubt the most dodgy bastards in the motoring world!!!

London, London, United Kingdom #922708

totally agree!


I bought two cars a 7 series and a 5 series from Big motoring two months ago spending over £30K including 3 years warranty on both the cars.

I was given all the relevant documents for the 7 series e.g. Service history paperwork and all other invoices, but with regards to the 5 series I was told that by the sales men called Kash they have misplaced the paperwork for my 5 series and they will post it out to me within few days as they definitely had them as it was showing on their system.

After few weeks I called them, and informed them that I am still awaiting for the missing paperwork and was again told they will be out to my home address soon. After a month  I therefore called them again to remind them and again I was told someone is looking into it. I again send them as e-mail but guess what no reply from them...... I waited again for two weeks and called them and therefore I was told by their repairs team that I should have been told when I purchased the car that they didn't have the paperwork and they can not find it.

I am told this after two months from the date of the purchase and he could only apologies to me.


Guys this is not it. I called them yesterday and spoken to Natasha and asked her if they have any details on their system e.g. service details and when was the last time they serviced the car, She was very kind to me and informed me that they service the car two times one in 2011 and recently serviced by big motor on the 18/02/14 and she send me all relevant details to my e-mail address .

I was giving my car a good clean yesterday and I found the service book that was under the seat holder of my car, and looking at the service history BIG MOTORS have Stamped the book with 8 stamps on different dates prior to the recent stamp to the 18.02.14.

I could not believe it as they falsely stamped the book with no worked carried out and nothing to show on their system. This has very much frustrated me and I am no longer gonna buy a car from this company. I will be taking the matter further as I no longer have the trust on their cars I have been in contact with them to speak with the complaint department with only being told there is no one there today, how the *** can a big company have no one there.. These guys are out of their head.

I called my solicitor today and he has advice me to listen their side of the story first. I am looking forward to make the phone call tomorrow and speak to there manager and see what he has to say.   I also had a lot of problem with the 5 series since day one, First problem with the car was at the time of viewing as one of the light on the dash board came up and the sales person kash told us they will change the filter as that’s the light is showing up on the dashboard. After we days I called Bog motoring to book me in with few issues with the car as Aircone wasn’t working, car was pulling to one side and Sat nav CD was stuck and not ejecting etc.

I was kindly booked it and took my car for repairs. As I was out the country I recently drove the car and again experiencing the previous issues with the car, Again aircone is not working, same  dash board light have came up and there is a fault with the parking sensor.I called them up on 06.10.14 and spoken to their repairs teams, I was told I will have to pay for the Airfliter plus there is a diagnose fee of around £59 + VAT. Why the *** should I pay for this when this is an ongoing problem with car and it was them that they were meant to fix it.

Guys this company is a fraud they only know how to basically steal your money but in a nice way .....

to Adam London, London, United Kingdom #884988

Hi Adam - any updates?

London, England, United Kingdom #712150

Worst Customer service in the UK

I have just been to Big Motoring World in Kent today and I can honestly say the salesman was extremely rude, the same salesman with strong accent and a tan, stay away from this guy if you ever visit the place.

I went there to buy 1 series convertible 120M sport, they only had 2 M sport convertible, he was very reluctant to allow me to browse the cars and he is on your face.I ask may i just browse and I will call you when i need help, well he replied, This is not how we work here, we have to follow you at all times due to health and safety, I said well fair enough, may i just concentrate and you can follow me. He was not prepared to just keep quite and let me look for my car.

He kept asking, Are you buying today?how much do you have? Are you buying cash or finance? what is the purpose of your trip? Are you committed to buy?For god sake I just wanted space to concentrate and make a decision.I said to the guy I have only seen two 120M convertibles and he ask me how many do i want to buy? how rude? He is clearly not from the UK and he think he can bring his stinking attitude here.above all the service is disgusting and the tanned guy is extremely rude, my advice is do not go there and don't buy from Big Motoring world, they can keep their cars and I will keep my money and spend it to someone who is willing to respect customers.The salesman is extremely pushy.

The bottom line:I will not be coming there again and I do not recommend Big Motor World.They can keep their cars!!!

London, England, United Kingdom #674940

Thank you so much for writing this. It has confirmed everything I suspected from these dodgy salesmen which I thought only existed in films.

I travelled an hour to the addington branch to see a selection of 1 series which were on their website as they had been obviously very competitively priced on every search engine website, and mysteriously they had ALL sold by the time I got there. The Del Boy older salesman gave me a classic line that they sell over 500 BMW's a month here and people buy them within an hour of them being released for the prep area. I enquired how I therefore get on this list then to be called or emailed or text about new releases coming in or new stock bought at auction to be told there wasn't a procedure for this. GREAT business model!!! They did however have a few cars that were £2k more than I wanted and more mileage. I declined. So I drove an hour back home. 8 weeks later the SAME cars I was looking at are still on their website.

The tactic clearly is to draw people in with fictious cars at lower than the market average and then sell you a more expensive option once you get there. The value of each of their cars are also very mixed and I think they have an intern or someone making it up. Either way this is not a company I want dealings with and having read the other reviews from people who have gone on to buy cars and haven't got the correct paperwork, have received the classic salesman tactics and have had faulty or issues with their cars, I'm grateful to them for being so honest and sharing their experiences so Big Motoring World don't win all the time.

Gosport, England, United Kingdom #657880

Hello guys,

My name is Tayo, and I’m one of the marketing team at Big Motoring world.

First, I would like to thank everyone for their contribution, and I am truly sorry to hear that the majority of you are not delighted with your experience- although several posts are questionable as to their legitimacy.

As with every growing business at the infant stage, there will be teething problems; which we experienced at the early stages of our business.

At present, we pride ourselves in offering pre-owned quality prestige BMWs at unbelievable prices. Over the years, our company has expanded; resulting to the company heavily investing in resources to ensure all our cars are checked diligently prior to our customers driving them off our site. We’ve employed over 15 experienced car technicians with previous experience with main BMW dealers.

With cars in general, you can never predict when you will experience malfunctions. This applies to new cars and old cars- there are times when I’ve seen new plate cars at the side of a motorway. Is that to say that the main dealer that the car was bought from is dubious? Also, there are posts on here that points out basic wear and tear aspect of car- it’s inevitable. Whilst we attempt to discover any issues with our cars prior to handing them over to customers, it’s difficult to predict the future.

In a situation whereby there is an issue with the car, we offer free 90 days warranty on any mechanical issues the car might develop. All that is required is for the customer to contact us with their details and we’ll take it from there.

Over the years, we have listened to our customers and acted on their feedbacks with regards to our customer service. As of today, I am pleased to inform you all that we have placed customer service at the top of our agenda. We have recently published a press release to the effect- which you can find when you Google “big motoring world”.

And to our entire customer base, we would appreciate it if you can go to our official feedback page on Review Centre (just Google “big motoring world” and publish your feedback. All your genuine feedbacks are welcome as they will help us to better serve you and improve the company.

Thank you all for your contributions and we hope that you dedicated members of this forum will join us on our mission to provide the South East of England quality used BMW cars.

to BigMotoringMarketing1 #1099141

It's about time Bog Motoring World were investigated by trading standards and HMRC. I've seen some of the "glowing" reports - especially those on Yell - and I would say they are more questionable than what purchasers have posted here.

I've been at the sharp end of hard line sales tactics, how they ever manage to get a car out to be road tested amazes me as they're like sardines in a can. Maybe there's a magic carpet hidden underneath the dirt and damage clearly evident. An acre of cars for the gullible........add an administration fee because it's perhaps treated differently for VAT Margin Rate Scheme and Corporation Tax purposes, throw in upgrade to leather for cash with no VAT payable along with a warranty that's as much use as a piece of used toilet paper what do you have? A recipe for disaster!

Avoid at all costs and buy from a BMW dealer and remember that with Big Motoring World very low prices if it sounds too good to be true then it is.

All bought at auction, very little work done unless you complain or it breaks down, huge profit margin in doing nothing.

The owner Peter W didn't get to be a millionaire for no reason...... Google Companies House Beta then take a look at the information publicly available.

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