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Dear Anonymous,

We are very sorry that we had to let you go and we hope you are doing well since leaving us.
Although we wish you well, we would appreciate that you settle any outstanding queries with the owner of the business whose contact details you will have.

Kind Regards,
The Big Motoring World Team

I was employed by big motoring world around summer last year, I have to be honest the prospects looked pretty good with the offer containing a good wage an a new bmw company car.

However the pressure was disgusting! threatened with your job if didn't sell enough cars and add ons!

the behaviour of the staff about customers was disgusting and as for the owner! how he still has a business is beyond me. you could almost guarantee one out of three cars would be back with problems within 5 minutes of leaving site! what really done it for me was a sold vehicle being taxed with another cars logbook as they never had the paperwork for the on being sold!

people who buy a car from any of big motoring worlds dealers would in my opinion might aswell flush there money down the toilet. proceed with EXTREME CAUTION!

and to top it off I never got paid the month I left! PIGS

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

  • peter waddell
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well ive been in sales for years and all i can say is most of the time its the bad sales men how rights these things when he get fired for not treating the costumers right so i look on your post as this how come they have won so many awards

to good salesmen London, England, United Kingdom #813242

If you used Spell checker people would not know all you replies ? Peter ?


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