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I brought my C Class Merc on the 26th Aug 7 weeks later I find I have 24ml left on my disc the Minimum should be 26! I took the car to Snoadland to be told that its my fault and they would not repair the disc's or pads so at my own expense I have paid out over £200 I was then told the camber and tracking needs sorting as my 2 front tires have worn on the outside, I'm now told I have to pay £70 before they will look at my car even though I have a...
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Anonymous 2mm below min spec , that's 1mm on either side of the disc that's not a lot also did you know the thickness of brand new discs ?? There 28mm brand new you can check urself if ...


Anonymous Must be a small time local paper with little or no readers or are your readers' grammar just as bad as yours? 'ml' is a unit of volume equal to one thousandth of a litre. If t...

I didn't like
  • No one is willing to offer a soluution only attutide
  • Rude
  • Still awaiting a manager to call me now on the 7th day